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Trump and AOC Agree…

As it turns out, Donald Trump and New Breed leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agree on one thing.

During a Sunday interview, AOC admitted there is a very real danger of losing the election to Donald Trump, and the President immediately agreed with her.

Need to See Real Change

AOC has been very reluctant to jump on board with the Joe Biden campaign.

As far as she is concerned, Biden is a step backward and his platform does not show the significant change she believes the country needs to see to be more appealing to working-class America…

Those words had no sooner come out of her mouth when President Trump sent out a tweet to completely agree with her…

The Big Swing

The odd thing about AOC is that she talks up a great story about how she is for the people, yet her policies will do nothing but cripple the average person.

Her platform is very much in line with Bernie Sanders in that she believes more taxes are better for the people of this country.

She believes you need to take away from hard-working Americans to help pay the way for individuals that refuse to get up off their couch and work for a living.

Her beliefs, in fact, are similar to those our Founding Fathers fought so hard to get away from in the 1700s, relatively speaking.

It is why they took it upon themselves to fight against the Crown and gain independence to form the United States of America.

Joe Biden, who is the current leader, is the most centrist candidate in the race.

The fact he is leading the Democrat primary should be a wake-up call for people like AOC that most voters do NOT want to see this country turned into a socialist ideology.

One of the most polarizing issues of this campaign has become the Hyde Amendment, which does not allow federal funding to be used to pay for abortions unless the pregnancy is a threat to the health of the mother or it is a result of incest or rape.

The take by Democrats is not to use abortion as an exception but rather another form of birth control.

That tack is just not working as William Saletan, who writes for Slate, stated, “In every poll, a plurality of Americans oppose public funding of abortions.

“In every poll but one, that plurality is a majority.

“On the question of direct payments [for abortion], most voters agree with the GOP.

“If Democrats make that question a litmus test, they’ll regret it.”

Even with that information, though, the Democrat party put pressure on Biden to change his stance.

Is that because they want to bring him back down so he can be overtaken by other candidates or do they simply believe this to be a line in the sand that must be drawn to move their party forward?

Ocasio-Cortez is right in that Democrats stand to lose this election and I say that right now with virtually every poll telling us differently.

We all know early poll numbers are reflective of the flavor of the day, which is naturally Democrats right now because they are getting all the positive headlines in the news cycle.

That will gradually shift as the candidates start to drop out and the Trump campaign can really focus on the individual it believes Trump will be facing in the election.

They stand to lose not because of her reasoning but rather her twisted agenda and the Democrat party’s new platform.

We are not Russia. We are not Cuba. We are not Venezuela… and we never want to be.

The Democrats are going to lose because they want to fundamentally change the ideology of this country and there is no way patriotic Americans on either side of the aisle will ever be able to pull the handle that puts this country at risk of becoming the next socialist experiment that fails.

Source: Slate / Fox News

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