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Trump and Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Twitter Battle

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) sent out a matter-of-fact tweet going after Trump staffer Stephen Miller.

In her tweet, Rep. Omar openly called Miller, who serves as one of Trump’s most trusted advisors, a “white nationalist.”

Omar’s Claim

Democrats and the liberal media have been running with this narrative for quite some time now.

This all dates back to an on-air argument between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Miller over the Statue of Liberty.

Miller made a reference to a poem that is found in some white nationalist propaganda.

According to Dems, that makes him a white nationalist.

Practice What You Preach

While Omar throws around these unsubstantiated claims about Miller, she is, at the same time, complaining Pirro’s segment on Fox News was responsible for the death threat she received.

Does she not think accusing someone of being a white nationalist without actual proof could result in someone coming after Miller?

Besides, Pirro’s was just asking questions, not actually making an allegation.

Something else of note is the fact that Miller is Jewish.

This is significant in the fact Omar’s past attitudes towards Jews is rather loathsome.

President Trump, of course, immediately came to the defense of Miller, tweeting…

Personally, it is baffling how the media and Democrats can continually throw out horrific allegations about Trump and people in his administration and there is no outrage by anyone but Trump supporters.

The moment anything negative is said about a Democrat, however, it is hate speech.

The entire country just continues to tilt to the left and it has to be stopped.

Conservatives MUST get to the voting booths in 2020 to not only re-elect Donald Trump but also to further solidify the Senate and retake the House.

If that doesn’t happen, one can only imagine what the United States will actually look like in a decade.

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