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Trump Announces Born-Alive Executive Order

With a SCOTUS nominee now on deck, abortion automatically gets pushed front and center.

Trump heightened those talks this week by introducing a new executive order that will protect babies born alive during an attempted abortion.

Born-Alive Executive Order

Over the last few years, there has been much talk about protecting babies that are born alive during abortions.

The pro-life movement has been fighting to give these babies a fighting chance, asking for the same care to be given to these children as is given to children delivered prematurely.

Trump announced the new order while speaking to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast…

The new EO was received very well by pro-life organizations who all believe these protections should have been given long ago.

Susan B. Anthony List (SBA-List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser stated, “President Trump’s order will bring nationwide practices into line with modern science and protect some of the nation’s most vulnerable children.

“A growing body of research shows extremely premature babies, once written off as hopeless, can indeed survive and thrive with active care.

“Yet too often, local protocols still allow for infants on the cusp of viability to be denied lifesaving intervention – even over the desperate pleas of their parents.

“Whether a child receives medical care should never be dictated by an arbitrary timeline, zip code, or which doctor happens to be on duty.”

You can read more about this EO as well as the reaction among pro-life groups on Breitbart.

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