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Trump Approval Ratings Post-Mueller Report

Democrats were hoping to take Trump out with the Mueller report, but it appears all they did was energize his campaign.

CNN conducted a poll that is now showing Trump’s approval rating at 43 percent, up another point from the last poll and up six percent from January of this year.

More Good News for Trump

President Trump can latch onto the 43 percent overall approval rating, but there is far better news in that poll.

One area where Trump has struggled to get big numbers is in the “strongly approve” category.

The new poll has Trump at 35 percent there, the highest it has ever been.

While the President continues to struggle with the overall disapproval rating, currently at 52 percent, he is definitely starting to see things slide in his favor.

Since the Mueller report came out, in-party support has also improved for Trump, climbing to 77 percent compared to 65 percent in February.

Dems Are Hurting

Something else worth celebrating for Trump is the negativity being directed at the entire Democrat party.

In March, 38 percent believed Democrats were taking the Russian collusion investigation too far.

Now that the report is out and Mueller found no collusion, that number has skyrocketed to 44 percent.

The important factor in that number is the cherished demographic of voters both Republicans and Democrats will be fighting over come November… Independents.

The poll reported that 46 percent of Independents are basically fed up with what Democrats are doing at this point.

Impeachment Numbers

As Democrats continue to rail for impeachment and the resignation of Barr, Americans clearly do not agree.

CNN reported 37 percent still want to see Trump impeached, but a massive 59 percent are not onboard with impeachment.

Of that 59 percent, 45 percent “feel strongly” that we need to move on.

Something else of note in the survey was regarding Congress investigating the origins of the Russian investigation.

Shockingly, more Democrats than Republicans want this looked into.

The numbers were reported as 76 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of Republicans, with an overall average of 69 percent of Americans wanting to know how this witch hunt got started.

If Dems are smart, they would look at these numbers and back off, but we all know they won’t.

As they continue down this road, we should see Trump’s numbers continue to climb while Democrats continue to plummet.

Source: CNN

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