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Liberals Furious Over Greeting for Trump at NCAAF Championship Game from Crowd and Hollywood Star

Oh, the backlash of the far left will be severe for this one.

On national TV, tens of thousands of Americans cheered their president, chanted “U.S.A.,” and a Hollywood star shook hands with Trump, sending liberals into a tizzy.

Where Do We Start?

If you watched the college football championship game last night between LSU and Clemson, you not only saw a great game, but you also got to see how REAL Americans feel about their president.

When Trump walked onto that field last night, the entire crowd stood and started to cheer.

If there were boos in the stands, the cheers definitely drowned them out.

The reception was so warm, in fact, you see Trump almost get emotional as he stood waiting for the national anthem to begin.

It was embarrassing for the liberal horde that has been trying to remove him from office, but the worst of it was not over quite yet.

Who Was That?

As the game progressed, the cameras cut to a VIP suite where Trump and our First Lady were watching the game.

Next thing you know, Vince Vaugh entered the picture and, yes, he actually shared air with the president.

Not only that, he seemed to have a very pleasant conversation with Trump and even, dare I say, shook hands with the president.

The outrage was immediate, with liberal Hollywood all but blacklisting Vaughn right on the spot…

This was a great moment for Trump in that all of America gets to see that Trump is hardly the hated man that the left makes him out to be.

He is genuinely loved in this country even though the Democrats have tried to drive a wedge between him and every citizen since he took office.

The problem for Democrats, though, is that everyday Americans are actually benefitting from the policies Trump is putting in place.

Whether Dems want to admit it or not, last night was a precursor to the cheers they are going to hear on November 3, 2020.

Source: People Magazine

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