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Trump Calls Out Sole Republican Threatening to Hold Up Rescue Package

Honestly, I don’t believe I have ever seen the amount of grandstanding going on in Congress that we are seeing right now during a crisis situation.

After at least one Democrat and one Independent in the House have threatened to hold up the rescue/stimulus package, Rep. Massie (R-KY) has joined the fray, and President Trump is NOT happy about it.

Calling Out Massie

This bill is far from perfect, I think we all know that.

I would wager there are a few things in there that never should have been put in as well as a drafting error that Republicans did not like.

Even so, many Americans have been sitting on the sidelines without pay for almost two weeks and they need money.

This legislation is about as dry as it is going to get and it needs to pass…. NOW.

Rep. Massie, however, started raising a ruckus about it on Thursday morning with a few tweets that created a bit of panic throughout the House and Senate…

President Trump even hinted that there could be one grandstander during his daily press conference, then addressed the situation later with a few tweets of his own…

If Massie forces a recorded vote, we will need at least 216 members of the House to be in session to officially qualify for a quorum.

If they are not present, this vote could be delayed for several more days.

Not Alone

As we reported earlier, Massie is not alone in the quest to defeat this bill and delay the rescue package.

Both Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Amash (I-MI) have also expressed their displeasure about the legislation, also threatening to hold it up.

This could all truly be grandstanding and all three could back down at the last moment, which is what we are all hoping they do.

If not, this could be delayed by several days, days that many Americans and small business owners simply do not have.

Source: Fox News

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