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Trump Campaign Explodes After Kickoff Rally in Orlando

Go ahead… just keep listening to those polls.

For several weeks now, major polls have put Trump way behind his competition, and we have been saying just be patient, learn what we can from them, but wait for it to happen.

Well, last night in Orlando, it happened, as the support for Trump during and after his opening kickoff campaign rally netted the Republican candidate $24.8 million in donations.

To put that into perspective, not a single Democrat candidate has raised that much in the entire quarter, but Trump did it one night.

The Rally

To say Trump was on fire last night would be the understatement of the year.

The crowd was ready and he played to it like a champion of the people.

The only misstep I personally believe he made all night was his wording about progress for curing diseases like cancer.

His statement was eerily similar to that of Biden and I simply don’t believe you can promise to offer the cure for cancer.

However, saying our researchers are getting closer is fair game.

Still, I think it was a misstep simply because Biden has been getting so much flack about it, Trump would have been best served to allow that to continue to happen. Now, he opens himself up for much the same criticism.

The rest of the rally, however, went over like a New Year’s Eve party, especially when he brought Sarah Huckabee Sanders up on stage.

She was clearly emotional at the tribute given to her by Trump and the crowd absolutely ate it up.

It was absolutely “the moment” of the rally (You can watch the full rally below…).

The Money Flows

The moment Trump took the stage, the money started to flow.

The overnight numbers that came in where staggering and noted by President Trump himself…

This gives Trump a huge advantage with a massive war chest not a single other candidate can match.

We saw what Trump did in 2016 with a small war chest, so we can only imagine the blitz that is going to happen with the stack of cash he has now.

This is also going to allow Trump to start targeting his opponents much earlier than even he could have hoped.

This field is going to get narrowed down considerably after the first round of debates.

By the end of next week, we should have somewhere between two and five candidates to really focus on, with one or two clear-cut favorites.

When July and August poll numbers start to roll in, we fully expect those margins to be tightened up for Trump.

The Trump Train is rolling again folks… so hang on.

Source: Fox News

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