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Trump Claims He Has Seen Evidence CV-19 Originated in China

While our intelligence agencies are backpedaling and hesitant to blame a lab in Wuhan, China, for the COVID-19 outbreak, Trump has no problem placing the blame.

When Trump was recently asked directly if he has seen proof the virus started in a Wuhan research lab, he stated, “Yes, I have.

“And I think that the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves because they’re like the public relations agency for China.”

Walking a Fine Line

Our intelligence communities are not going to lock themselves into an answer until they have firm proof, but Trump has never been one to wait for such firm footing before making a statement such as this.

His disdain for the intelligence community right now is well known, as he simply does not trust many of the powers that be in these organizations due to past behavior.

Not only did Trump accuse China, but he also took an even bigger shot at the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

He stated, “They shouldn’t be making excuses when people make horrible mistakes, especially mistakes that are causing hundreds of thousands of people around the world to die.

“I think the World Health Organization should be ashamed of themselves.”

When asked if he through the virus could have been stopped in China before becoming a worldwide pandemic, Trump stated, “I don’t want to say that, but certainly it could have been stopped.

“I wish they stopped it. The whole world wishes they stopped it.”

Even though the intelligence community is not making a firm statement as of yet, there is definitely a lean that the origins of this virus started in China, it is just a matter of figuring out the exact route the spread took.

Right now, it seems as though our intelligence community is leaning towards an accident at the Wuhan research lab or “through contact with infected animals.”

The one thing that has been made very clear is that this was a naturally occurring virus and not something that was manmade as a biological weapon.

Even though Trump seems certain, virtually every intelligence officer interviewed by a wide variety of outlets has stated the cause is still iffy at best.

One unnamed official stated, “No one’s able to stay one way or the other. We just don’t know enough.”

Trump has been known to make off-the-cuff accusations but with his presidency on the line, it is hard to imagine him making such a claim unless he saw something in the presented evidence that makes it more certain than not that Wuhan lab is where this all got started.

Sources: CNN, Newsweek, Breitbart

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