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Trump Defense Team Wraps Case in 3 Hours… But Oh What a 3 Hours It Was!

For about a week, Democrats have been creatively splicing videos and presenting their case to impeach Trump.

On Friday, Trump’s attorney finally got their crack at defending the former president.

Trump’s legal team only used three of the allotted 16 hours of argument time, but as far as Trump supporters were concerned, they hit it out of the park.

The Hypocrisy

If you read SPN regularly, you know I have put as much or more blame on Democrats for what happened on January 6 as I do anyone else.

This is because they have been poking the bear for the last five or six years, yet the media and at least half this country ignore that fact.

Well, Trump’s attorney did not, and this is what Trump’s defense was largely based upon.

Rather than discuss the video, watch it for yourself, then you decide who is really at fault here…

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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