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Trump Does Impromptu Drive-by at President’s Day Rally in Florida

With Trump now staying at Mar-a-Lago, it was no surprise to see his supporters throw a rally on President’s Day.

They did not, however, expect a personal appearance from their favorite president.

And the Crowd Goes Wild

When Trump heard hundreds of people were lining the streets with Trump flags, he felt the need to show them his support and appreciation.

President Trump decided to do a drive-by and give his supporters a wave, but you would have thought it was a rock star based on their reaction…

To those Republicans that want to toss Trump completely to curb, they better wake up to the fact that Trump is not going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of what the media and Democrats do or say.

While I don’t think he will ever run for office again, the candidates he supports will have the full support of Trump’s army of supporters.

You can read more about the Florida rally on Fox News.

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