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Trump Drops F-bomb on Rush Limbaugh Radio Show

Leave it to President Trump to turn the news cycle on its ear with one simple word.

The much anticipated “radio rally” on the Rush Limbaugh show took place on Friday, and Trump did not disappoint.

His supporters will be happy to know he sent the FCC into a frenzy by dropping an f-bomb right in the middle of the interview with Rush.

Beep It Out

Trump and Rush are friends, and it was pretty clear President Trump felt more like he was sitting down with a buddy than he was addressing a national audience.

When the subject of Iran came up, well, Trump got a bit aggressive with his language…

Democrats will hate it, but Trump’s base will eat this up, showing how tough Trump has been and will be against Iran.

The complete opposite was true when Obama was in office and it will be that way once again if Joe Biden wins this election, of that I have no doubt.

Source: Breitbart

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