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Trump Faces Off Against Philadelphia Pastor Over MAGA

During a recent town hall event, Trump was challenged on his campaign slogan of Make America Great Again.

A Philadelphia pastor challenged Trump, basically saying that this country has NEVER been good for the black community.

Trump came right back, shutting down that narrative and more or less leaving the pastor speechless at the end of the exchange.

Defending MAGA

Before we look at the video, let’s get something straight…

People need to stop looking for others to do for them and start doing for themselves.

This pastor talks about the life of those that live in the ghetto, but I would ask what are they doing to make their own lives better?

Are they going to school? Are they studying? Are they applying for grants to further their education beyond high school? Are they getting part-time jobs while in school or are they looking for handouts?

And I am not saying this about just the minority community but any poor community that is riddled with crime by the very people that call these communities home.

Here is Trump’s response when challenged on MAGA…

The reality is that when people try for a better life, they generally get it.

Not everyone is destined to become a billionaire, but if you take advantage of an education as well as actually make an effort in terms of employment and taking responsibility for yourself, you can have a better life in this country.

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