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Trump Fights Off Federal Ruling to Turn Over Tax Returns

President Trump is on a roller coaster from hell right now.

The attacks against him are coming at him from every direction, including federal judges.

Immediately after U.S. District Court Judge Victor Marrero ruled Trump’s tax returns must be turned over the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Trump’s legal team filed an appeal in the 2nd Circuit.

For now, that appeal has put a stay in place, so Trump’s accountants will not have to turn the documents over, at least not yet.

Biased Judges

The original ruling was not surprising, considering the judge.

Judge Marrero is a Clinton-appointed judge who apparently had an ax to grind with Trump and his legal team.

In his ruling, he stated, “The expansive notion of constitutional immunity invoked here to shield the President from judicial process would constitute an overreach of executive power.”

He further stated the argument being put forward by the Trump legal team “that a constitutional domain exists in this country in which not only the President, but, derivatively, relatives and persons and business entities associated with him in potentially unlawful private activities, are in fact above the law.”

Marrero also addressed the issue of prosecuting a sitting president, clearly hoping Trump would find himself on trial while in office.

He stated, “[T]he theory has gained a certain degree of axiomatic acceptance, and the DOJ Memos which propagate it have assumed substantial legal force as if their conclusion were inscribed on constitutional tablets so-etched by the Supreme Court.

“The Court considers such popular currency for the categorical concept and its legal support as not warranted.”

Trump Responds

Needless to say, President Trump was unhappy with both the ruling and attitude of Marrero.

After the initial ruling was made, Trump sent out a blistering tweet expressing his distaste for the constant attacks he is facing…

While we expect the attacks from Democrats, it truly is a sad state of affairs that our judicial system is now so openly biased.

Any judge appointed by a Democrat would have made the same ruling as Marrero, but the words and tone of his ruling make it quite clear his court is not a fair one.

The same can be said of any conservative judge that would have gotten the case.

It is a fairly safe assumption that if a conservative judge gets the appeal, it would come down in Trump’s favor.

Justice should be justice, plain and simple, and the direction of our courts right now is more concerning than the attacks against Trump.

We are headed down a very dangerous road in this country right now and I really don’t see a way back.

In the meantime, all we can do is hope a conservative judge gets put on the appeal simply to offset the open bias against President Trump that currently exists in this case.

Source: Fox News

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