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Trump Gives Epic Answer to Reporter Who Questions Why Guests Are NOT Social Distancing

President Trump loves sticking it to the media and there was no greater example of this constant battle than during his press conference this weekend from his Bedminster, NJ resort.

A small group of people had gathered toward the back of the room, all Trump supporters from what we gather.

A reporter hit Trump on the individuals for violating New Jersey mandates on social distancing.

Trump hit him right back, stating, “To me, they pretty much look like they all have, pretty much all have masks on.

“You know you have an exclusion in the law.

“It says peaceful protest or political activity, right?

“I call it peaceful protest because they heard you were coming up and they know the news is fake, they know it better than anybody.”

The crowd immediately erupted in cheers, much to the delight of Trump…

You can read the full report on the New York Times.

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