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Trump Goes on the Attack

As conservative-run states continue to move forward with reopening while still using social distancing guidelines, most Democrat-run states are staying closed.

That is not sitting well with President Trump, who is now openly calling out these governors and demanding these citizens be freed.

Don’t Play Politics

Our country simply cannot remain completely shut down, even if that means COVID-19 deaths continue throughout the summer.

That may seem like a harsh statement to make, but it is a brutal reality.

We have already been shut down for two months and look at the havoc that has been caused.

More than 30 million Americans are out of work and tens of thousands of small business owners are now on the brink of having to close their business forever.

Yes, there is a danger to reopening, but by all accounts, many Americans are willing to forego those dangers to get this country back up and running again.

We can do this safely and smartly, we just need to continue to follow social distancing rules and the health guidelines already in place as well as ensuring the health and safety of those most at risk to the virus.

Some businesses may be limited and there will surely be others that cannot open out of the brutal reality that social distancing simply won’t work for them, but we cannot remain completely shut down like this.

The decision to open remains with the governors, but Trump is now applying steady pressure, as are many citizens, to get these states reopened safely.

Trump has been working overtime on Twitter to apply even more pressure on governors, invoking language that is reminiscent of the early days of this country…

Currently, there are more than 1.3 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the country and we just passed the 80,000 mark in deaths.

While the spread has slowed, we are still seeing roughly 20,000 new cases every day and about 1,000 deaths every day due to COVID-19.

Reopening can be done, but it will mean everyone cooperates with the guidelines and continues to respect social distancing rules.

Otherwise, we will be stuck in this dark hole until a vaccine and/or treatment is developed.

If it comes down to that, it will probably take decades for this country to recover instead of months or years.

Source: Fox News

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