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Trump Hits Back Against Democrat Criticism of Barr

Our new attorney general has been under fire all week from Democrats.

President Trump came forward to publicly support the new AG, stating that he is pleased with Barr and his recent revelation that Barr believes spying did occur during the presidential campaign.

Vote of Confidence

While Democrats rip Barr, Trump was asked if he was “pleased” with the outcome thus far.

Trump stated, “Yes, I am.

“I think what he said was absolutely true

“There was absolutely spying on my campaign.

“I’ll go a step further and say it was illegal spying. Unprecedented spying.”

Democrat Pushback

When Barr revealed earlier this week that he thought there was spying, Democrats just about lost their collective minds.

Every leader in the party came forward to criticize Barr, calling him everything from a Trump lackey to a conspiracy theorist.

Even after Barr clarified his comments, it was not enough to pacify Democrats who now believe Barr is working to protect Trump.

These accusations are rather incredible considering the last Democrat AG got her orders on a tarmac from a previous Democrat president.

Barr gave Democrats a bit of a facial during his testimony, openly calling out the hypocrisy of Democrats while Trump is in office.

Barr stated, “Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane.”

Congress is quickly learning that Barr is his own man and will not bow to their ridiculous demands.

Jeff Sessions seemed to be so overly worried about appearances that he actually failed to do his job.

Barr, on the other hand, is just looking at the evidence and allowing it to take him down any given path.

Right now, that path is investigating the originations of the FBI Russian collusion case.

Something tells me that is the real problem for Democrats.

If Barr manages to uncover the deep state that many conservatives believe exists, leadership across the board will be out on the street with some of them possibly behind bars.

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