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Trump: ‘I’m Not Playing Games’

President Trump has finally had enough with the influx of immigrants coming into this country illegally.

While making a visit to Florida, Trump took time to talk to reporters about the border crisis.

Trump left little wiggle room in declaring the Mexican government better pitch in to stop this or he is going to close the borders altogether.

Not Playing Games

Last month, according to reports, there were more interactions and apprehensions at the border than we have seen in more than a decade.

That trend has continued this month, with back-to-back record-breaking days in terms of illegal crossings.

We are clearly at a time when something drastic must be done or we are going to be overrun in our own country.

To that point, President Trump wants Mexico to assist in this crisis.

If they don’t, Trump is now threatening to close the border and keep it closed for a significant period of time.

Trump further warned them, “I’m not playing games.”

Time to Put America First

President Trump’s slogan was Make America Great Again.

After eight years of Obama apologizing for America and tearing it down, Trump knew it was going to be a massive chore to get everything righted, at least in the eyes of conservatives.

Many of the problems we have in this country are tied to illegal immigration.

Please note I did not say immigration, but specifically illegal immigration.

The trickledown effect to our economy, jobs market, and entitlement programs alone are financially crippling to this country.

President Trump is 100 percent right in threatening to close the border if something is not done ASAP.

We simply cannot allow 4,000 people a day to overload the system.

It turns the entire immigration system into nothing more than a catch and release, wasting millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

If people want to come to this country, they simply need to do it the legal way and get in line; that is all we are asking them to do.

Current Democrat policy is actually encouraging these individuals to cross our border illegally because they know right now, there are little to no repercussions if they are caught.

And, if they manage to get across and set down some roots, Democrats will actually protect them.

We say to Trump, shut down the border and build the wall!

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