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Trump Immigration Overhaul to End Lottery-Based Immigration

President Trump is finally ready to unveil the sweeping immigration reform he promised when running for office.

The White House is set to unveil its new plan, which would end the lottery-based program and turn it into a comprehensive merit-based admissions procedure.

Changing Immigration Process

The problem with the current immigration system is that we get far too many people in this country that are unskilled and unlikely to contribute.

There are only so many unskilled labor positions available in this country, but then what?

I’ll tell you… they go on assistance programs and we end up footing the bill.

The first step in fixing this is already underway.

Unemployment numbers are at all-time lows, with more Americans in this country working than ever before.

Due to those low unemployment numbers, however, there are voids with companies that will go unfilled simply because we are out of American workers.

The Trump plan seeks to address that issue.

Rather than offer random lottery winners, visas would be awarded based on skilled workers needed for very specific jobs.

For instance, if there was a need for engineers, these individuals would be moved to the front of the line.

The goal here is to reduce the overall number of immigrants related to chain migration (immigrants coming into the country through family ties) and increasing the number of immigrants based on their specific skill set.

Build America Visa

The administration is looking to bring immigrants into the country that can help build up America, not tear it down.

Jared Kushner has reportedly been heavily involved in writing the new immigration proposal and spoke on behalf of the President about it this week.

Kushner stated, “I do believe that the President’s position on immigration has been maybe defined by his opponents by what he’s against as opposed to what he’s for.

“What I’ve done is, I’ve tried to put together a very detailed proposal for him.”

According to reports, Kushner presented the plan on the Hill earlier in the week and it was very well received by Republicans.

While there will no doubt be some pushback, even among conservatives, the important thing to realize here is immigrants will be brought in based on need, which is why low unemployment is the key to its success.

We definitely do not want to get behind something that will be taking jobs away from Americans, so it will be important how the limits on this type of immigration system are laid out.

The plan will also have to account for American citizens and residents currently in college studying to fill specific fields of need.

The last thing we need is for these kids to come out of school only to find out a job sector has now been filled by immigrants.

According to reports, President Trump will be speaking publicly on the new proposal at some point on Thursday.

Source: Fox News

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