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Trump Jr. Brings the House Down in Wisconsin

Donald Trump Jr. proved he has just a bit of the flare for dramatics this weekend when he introduced his father to a rally crowd in Wisconsin.

To get the crowd pumped up Friday night before President Trump came out, Don Jr. stated, “No obstruction… no collusion… and what everyone else in this room other than the people on the podium there knew all along… no s**t!”

Another Big Crowd

While Beto O’Rourke struggled to get three dozen people at UNLV rally, Trump packed another arena for his rally in Green Bay.

The entire lower bowl of the arena was filled and from the pictures we have seen, the upper-level seats were just as packed.

If Democrats had their way, Don Jr. would have been facing collusion charges rather than standing up on that podium Friday night.

Rumors were running rampant in the media prior to the Mueller report release that Trump Jr. would be one of the last indictments handed down, but it never came.

That was more than likely why he specifically pointed out the media, referring to them as “the people on the podium” during his speech.

Trump Didn’t Disappoint

After Don Jr. got the crowd riled up, the President came out and kept the mood going.

He took little time to attack the current governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, over his upcoming rejection of GOP legislation to protect babies that survive abortion.

The legislation would make it mandatory that health care workers do everything in their power to save the child once it is born.

If they failed to follow the legislation, they could end up getting life in prison.

After Trump brought it up, the reaction around the country from conservatives was outrage.

The fact that Democrats are literally celebrating late-term abortions like it is New Year’s Eve and are not willing to protect a child that survives the procedure and is born alive is sickening.

They try to justify their stance by saying it does not happen very often, but what about that one child that remains unprotected because Evers deemed it an inconvenience to sign this bill into law?

Democrats like Joe Biden preach morality to Americans, yet they ignore our veterans, condone illegal activity, and celebrate the killing of unborn children.

If you ever needed an excuse to get up off your couch and pull the handle for every ‘R’ on the ticket, that should do it.

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