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Trump Jr. Slams CBS Over Immigration Documentary

Today’s media has a horrible habit of twisting the narrative to a story to hurt President Trump.

Nothing, however, may be more deceiving than an upcoming CBS documentary that in the trailer portrays human traffickers taking advantage of these immigrants as humanitarians.

For that very point, Donald Trump, Jr. blasted the network on Twitter…

The False Narrative

The individuals that “help” these immigrants are called “coyotes.”

Their job, which they do for a significant fee, is to guide immigrants across the United States border illegally.

While some of these coyotes are acting independently, it is believed that a significant portion of them are associated with gangs and the Cartel.

This is because a good many of the immigrants being shuffled across the border are part of human trafficking schemes.

Both women and children are often outright sold or used in prostitution rings to pay their way into the United States.

The media, however, is painting these individuals as though they are some type of saviors for illegal immigrants.

The Humanitarian Angle

Some of the footage touts people as providing food, guidance, or shelter to these immigrants as they make their journey.

What they won’t show you is the children that are unattended or abused along the journey.

They won’t show you parents literally dragging their children across a desert in the hopes of sneaking into the United States.

They won’t show you the women that are raped during this journey by the coyotes.

No, instead, they discuss things like this being some type of humanitarian undertaking that is not all about the money.

The documentary touts individuals that offer discounts when people don’t have enough to pay their way.

More than likely, those individuals are paying the excess through sexual favors, running drugs, or some other illegal activity.

This entire documentary is a disgrace and Trump Jr. was 100 percent correct for calling them out on it.

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