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Trump Jr. Trolls Nancy Pelosi with Epic Tweet

Donald Trump, Jr. may have just won the tweet of the year award.

Jr. decided to take a shot at Pelosi while at the same time revealing something that is very true about the party… this new breed of Democrat has taken control…

The Power Exchange

There was a lot of debate as to whether or not Pelosi should have been given the gavel in the House or it should go to someone else.

After all, the voters had spoken very loudly in 2016 that they were unhappy with the Democrat establishment.

Then, in 2018, there was a massive shift to younger, bolder politicians in the mid-term elections.

The election of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) stunned the nation, as she ran against an incumbent in her own party and embarrassed him in the election.

AOC, along with Rep. Omar (D-Minn) and Rep. Tlaib (D-Mich), hit the ground running and even though they have all taken considerable criticism, they are not backing down.

The revelation about who is actually running the party in the House was made quite apparent when AOC announced her “list” and Pelosi actually backed her up rather than reining her in.

At All Costs

In recent weeks, things have gotten far more interesting while at the same time solidifying the roles of the new breed in the House.

Rep. Omar’s comments about 9/11 were despicable.

The fact they were made after several rounds of anti-Semitic comments should have brought outrage from leadership, but the opposite actually happened.

Not a single Democrat said anything about her 9/11 comments until Donald Trump trolled Omar with a video on Twitter about the 9/11 attacks.

After that, Democrats actually flocked to Omar’s defense.

Omar belittles the 9/11 attacks, yet somehow Donald Trump is the villain.

The funny thing about all of this is that while Pelosi is clearly deferring to the new breed, Americans are not.

New Yorkers are unhappy with AOC over the Amazon debacle and the local Muslim community in Minnesota is unhappy with Omar’s comments and has even publicly stated community leadership may encourage another candidate running in the next election.

Of the three, Tlaib is probably in the best shape, but she has also taken her fair share of attacks simply because she will not give up on the Trump impeachment narrative.

After the 2018 midterms, Democrats had a real opportunity to do something to win over moderates on both sides of the aisle, but they have screwed the pooch in a big way.

Most of America is clearly not on board with turning America into a socialist country.

While the new breed may be in charge now, many believe at least two, if not all three of them, will be out after the next election.

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