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Trump Lands Parting Shot After Cory Booker Drops Out of Race

The egotistical, race-baiting, pompous, lying, and arrogant Cory Booker has finally dropped out of the presidential race.

After failing to make so much as a blip on the radar screen during this presidential race, Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has finally decided to call it quits…

The Trump Goodbye

Cory Booker has taken some pretty hefty shots at Trump over the course of this campaign.

He has welcomed playing the race card at every opportunity and had made some rather salacious comments about our president.

The more outrageous Booker got, the lower he fell in the polls.

As it turns out, most Americans don’t want a radical, race-baiter for a president.

On his way out the door this morning, President Trump saw fit to send Booker a farewell tweet…

Field Narrowing Down

Over the last couple of weeks, the field has narrowed considerably.

There are still a few stragglers hanging in there, but no matter how much Bloomberg spends on his campaign, this primary is going to come down to Biden, Sanders, and Warren.

Actually, it may be Biden and Sanders at this point, because Warren is now seeing much of the progressive base take a stand, and they are choosing Sanders over her.

While she is still considered a front-runner, her support is fading and it is only a matter of time before she is nothing more than a window decoration in this race.

The only other candidate capable of making noise right now is Buttigieg, but he is more than likely going to be toast after Super Tuesday.

Buttigieg has managed to make some noise in Iowa and New Hampshire, but once we get to more diversified states, he is going to get little to no support.

He may, however, take just enough delegates off Biden to force Sleepy Joe to spend a little money to start a hit campaign against Buttigieg to knock him out of the race.

Sanders has stated he will not take cheap shots at any Democrat, but we will see how that plays out when he is close enough to Biden to taste the dust kicking up off his heels.

We are just a few weeks from the first ballot being cast, so this race is going to narrow and heat up considerably in coming days.

Stay tuned…

Source: Fox News

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