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Trump Lashes Out at “Claims” Made in Mueller Report

Early this morning, President Trump lashed out at certain “claims” that were made in the Mueller report by supposed Trump associates.

Trump called the claims by these individuals “fabricated & totally untrue.”

Not Going Away

While the Mueller report did not find obstruction charges warranted and completely exonerated Trump on the collusion charges, this is not going to go away anytime soon for Trump.

Democrats are already in the process of filing subpoenas for the full unredacted version of the report as well as the supporting documents to the report.

Not only that, but Democrats have lashed out at Barr, calling him a partisan hack that needs to step down immediately.

None of the criticism is fair, mind you, as Barr has operated everything by the book so far.

Proposed Firings

The real issue in the report for Trump is more related to alleged attempted firings than anything else.

Some of the wording regarding collusion seems a bit purposely ambiguous, but it still equated to Trump being exonerated.

On obstruction, however, the claims made try to make Trump look as though he tried to go on a mad firing spree to protect himself.

The media is also latching on to some statements allegedly made by Trump that have him hitting the panic button, but that was not the case here.

Trump was clearly worried about the ramifications of a special counsel because of history and the fact he knew he would be locked down for the duration of the investigation, which he was.

It was hardly an admission of guilt.

Furthermore, the firings were justified by an Inspector General’s investigation, so there is really nothing to those claims either.

The report is definitely not all strawberries and whipped cream for Trump, but there is really nothing damning in their either.

While there is definite fodder and a few threads for the Democrats to have some fun with, it is more than likely going to result in wasted taxpayers dollars and wasted time on yet another witch hunt.

If there were something truly implicating in the report, we would call it as such, but there is not.

Mueller made his decision, Barr made his decision, now it is just time to move on.

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