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Trump Lashes Out at Dems After Giuliani Probe Announced

Democrats are using every tool in their arsenal to take down this administration.

While still pushing for the impeachment of Trump, Dems are now trying to take out a supporting leg with an investigation into former New York mayor and Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, for possible lobbying violations.

More Ukraine Problems

Once again, at the center of the controversy, is Ukraine.

On Friday night, the New York Times broke a story that Rudy Giuliani was being investigated by Manhattan prosecutors for breaking lobbying laws during his dealings with Ukraine.

The investigation is reportedly centered around the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

This is the same ambassador that testified on Friday regarding Trump’s policies with Ukraine, including the possible violation of election interference laws.

The announcement of the new investigation comes on the tail end of an earlier announcement of two of Giuliani’s associates being arrested for campaign finance violations.

This is a massive effort to make Trump guilty by association, just as we saw with the slew of indictments related to the Mueller investigation that had nothing at all to do with Donald Trump.

The Deep State

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump sent out a tweet that was a conspiracy theorists dream…

While the “Deep State” used to be a thing of fiction, even the most skeptical people are starting to realize the effort to unseat Trump and disgrace this administration goes far deeper than anything we have ever seen before.

Those that used to call Trump paranoid are now starting to ask some of the same questions as the embattled president.

These attacks are clearly not going to stop until Democrats get exactly what they want, which is Trump disgraced and removed from office.

Source: Fox News

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