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Trump Literally Shutting the Door on Undocumented Immigrants

On Friday, the Trump administration took a huge step towards preventing illegal immigrants from taking advantage of housing subsidies.

The new rule proposed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development would require anyone seeking public housing to have their immigration status verified.

Shutting the Door

The new rule would mean that every member of the household would have to provide proper documentation that he or she was in this country legally.

Currently, only one member of the household need provide this documentation.

According to the Trump administration, the current regulations “presently excuse individuals from submitting documentation if they do not contend to having eligible immigration status.

“The results in no determination of immigration status being made.”

The big stickler for the new rule would be that individuals already receiving benefits would also have to come forward to provide the proper documentation for everyone in the household or risk losing benefits.

According to reports, most of the mixed households currently live in California, Texas, and New York.

Objection and Defense

Outrage has already ensued among liberals, fearing families that cannot provide the proper documentation will leave their homes with no alternative housing in place.

The administration has defended the measure by insisting this is being done so HUD can actually take care of legal residents and Americans applying for assistance.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson stated, “We have a long list of people we can only serve right now one in four of the people who are looking for assistance from the government.

“So, obviously, we want to get those people taken care of.

“And we also want to abide by the laws.”

Earlier last month, an administration official defended what was just a proposal at the time, stating, “Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens.

“As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime.”

Democrats, of course, are already pushing back on the measure, claiming the new policies will inflict unnecessary hardship on these families, but that is the actual point.

These mixed families are harboring illegals and taxpayers are footing the bill.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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