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Trump PAC Sponsors NASCAR’s Corey LaJoie for Nine NASCAR Cup Series Races

NASCAR may now be officially “woke,” but that does not mean that President Trump won’t be represented at races.

This week, Patriots of American PAC announced it had partnered with Go Fas Racing to sponsor a 9-race run, which means there will be a Trump 2020 car circling the track this weekend during the Brickyard 400.

Bubba Wallace

After the death of George Floyd, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, the only African American driver on the top circuit, displayed a #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme.

The following week he reported that a crew member had found a noose in his stall, which garnered even more attention for Wallace and pushed the BLM movement even more to the forefront.

Additionally, Wallace led a movement to have the Confederate flag banned from NASCAR events, and NASCAR obliged.

After the FBI investigated the alleged “noose,” it found that this was more than likely a rope door pull to close the rolling door on the stall.

Although the rope had been tied in a noose-like fashion, the FBI found that the rope had been in place for at least a year, so this was clearly not a hate crime aimed at Wallace.

With so much attention on NASCAR from those events as well as being one of the few active major sports right now, Trump supporters are hoping to cash in.

Cory LaJoie

LaJoie is not one of the more successful drivers in NASCAR.

As such, he is usually fighting for sponsorship throughout the season.

LaJoie started on the NASCAR Xfinity series in 2013 at the age of 21.

After two appearances in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2014, LaJoie managed to stay on the main circuit full time in 2017.

During that time, he has had only three Top 10 finishes and did not lead a lap in a NASCAR Cup Series race until this season (six laps led).

He is currently ranked 27 with an average finish of 22.9 (28.2 for his career).

While he may not have many fans rooting for him regularly, that is all about to change this week and for the following eight races as well now that he has that Trump 2020 paint scheme on his ride.

LaJoie surely knows this is going to get him some extra airtime, much as Wallace has been enjoying the last two weeks.

He also seems up to both the challenge and scrutiny that will come with his team’s new colors.

LaJoie stated, “With an estimated 75 million NASCAR fans out there, I was surprised that about 15 million of those fans are not registered voters.

“I will give my best effort to get NASCAR fans registered to vote, through our team efforts on and off the track.

“When they see the car, hopefully it makes them race to the polls in November.”

Good luck, Corey, because about 50 million Americans are going to be cheering you on this week.

Source: Breitbart & Racing-Reference.INFO

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