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Trump Rails Against ‘Racist’ Hollywood Liberals

After hearing that he is the one responsible for the recent outbreak of violence in this country, President Trump came out swinging against Hollywood.

Trump sent out several tweets attacking Hollywood for glorifying violence to “inflame and cause chaos.”

New Movie Targeting Deplorables

A new movie called “The Hunt” was scheduled for release in late September, but that release may be delayed due to the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

The movie is about a group of liberal elites that capture “deplorables,” then hunt them down like animals.

While Trump did not name this movie specifically, his language makes it pretty clear this is the movie to which he was referring in his statement.

The trailer, as you may have noticed, did not call the intended victims “deplorables,” however, a report on the screenplay of the movie characterized the individuals being hunted in this manner.

The movie is typical of the behavior of liberals these days.

They say one thing in real life than portray something completely different in the movies for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Hollywood Liberals

One of the most notorious liberals in Hollywood that rails against Trump is Robert DeNiro.

However, one of his latest movies portrays a military veteran that is a conservative.

However, this man also goes around disrespecting women at every chance he gets.

The movie, if you don’t know what I am talking about, is “Dirty Grandpa.”

If DeNiro really felt the way he says he does, would he not turn down a movie and make something to better reflect his own values?

Or, was this just his way of villainizing conservatives even more than he already has in the past.

The franchise “The Purge” is made by liberals, depicting a conservative government that targets minorities and poor people for elimination.

The script might have well have been written by a neo-Nazi, but it was not.

James DeMonaco was clearly trying to characterize conservatives in these films and demonize them as being so despicable something such as this would even be considered.

This was not a conservative mind that thought this up, though, it was a liberal.

Trump is dead on with his statement here, but the media will portray it as some type of off-the-rails banter from an unstable president.

That is exactly what they do every time Trump touches on any truth that will hurt the liberal cause and the Democrat narrative.

Source: Breitbart / Daily Mail

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