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Trump Refuses to Back Down to Reporter on ‘China Virus’

The “woke” crowd has gone after Trump and conservatives pretty hard for the use of “Chinese,” “China,” and “Wuhan” being used to describe the coronavirus.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Trump was asked about this by a member of the media, and he refused to back down.


Saying it is racist to cite the origination of a virus is beyond ridiculous.

We have had Ebola, the Spanish Flu, German Measles, and a host of others, all named after their origins.

Trump was not president then, though, so things have changed.

The new narrative is that simply by calling it a “China Virus,” Trump is racist.

Trump was hit with a question by a reporter today on this, who stated, “…others have criticized you for using the phrase ‘Chinese Virus.’ How do you feel about that… are you going to continue to use that phrase?”

Trump responded, “Well, China was putting out information, which was false, that our military gave this to them… that was false.

“And, rather than having an argument, I said, ‘I have to call it where it came from,’ it did come from China.

“So, I think I think it’s a very accurate term. I didn’t appreciate the fact China was saying our military gave it to them.

“Our military did not give it to anybody.”

The reporter would go on to suggest using that term creates a stigma, and Trump shut him right down again…

China, for its part, after hiding information about the virus, has continued to slam the United States for simply stating this is where the virus got started.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Geng Shuang stated, “Some politicians in the U.S. associated the coronavirus with China, and smeared China. China expresses its strong anger and opposition to that.

“We call on the U.S. to stop finger-pointing at China. The utmost priority is for the international community to cooperate on fighting the virus.”

He later added, “The U.S. should focus on its top priority, and play a constructive role in international cooperation on health security.”

Source: Fox News

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