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Trump Releases Administration Response Timeline to Silence Media

Monday’s press conference, depending upon your political viewpoint, was either a meltdown or a knockout punch.

Trump started Monday’s briefing off by ripping the media for the bogus narrative and the recent New York Times piece that his delayed reaction cost American lives.

He then showed a video outlining claims by the media early on that compared CV-19 to the flu as well as measures taken by the administration.

What ensued afterward was, for use of a better term, a brawl between Trump and the press corps.

Setting the Record Straight

After Trump aired his short video, the media members at the briefing went ballistic.

After seeing clips of many of their own networks airing reports as late as early February that the coronavirus was nothing to worry about, they were all out for blood.

Immediately, the focus became who made the video and what did Trump do with the time he bought by shutting down travel from China and Europe.

Even though most media outlets claimed he had a meltdown, I perceived this as a total win for Trump.

He had them, they knew it, and they were pissed.

The administration then put together a complete timeline of exactly what the administration has been doing throughout the entire process…

You can see the full timeline on Trump’s campaign website (click here).

When Will the Media Back Down?

There is a legitimate fight going on between Trump and the media that is far worse than anything we have seen before.

Rather than worrying about getting the right information out to people, the media is looking to twist and turn anything it can as a way to attack Trump.

I will be honest… when I read the New York Times report and saw the Dr. Fauci interview with Jake Tapper, I thought Trump was in deep trouble, but then I dug up the full interview and researched the reports from the Times.

What I found was so alarming and twisted that it shocked me, and that is pretty hard to do these days.

It has gotten so bad, in fact, that Dr. Fauci felt the need to address the media personally to dispel any claims that Trump put off measures being recommended to him.

I have seen the media dislike a president before, but never in my life have I seen such a concentrated effort to distort the truth and undermine a sitting president, especially during a national crisis, as we are seeing today.

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