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Trump Rips New York Times Over Front Page ‘Hit Job’

Over the weekend, The New York Times gave President Trump a front-page story, however, it was not to his liking.

After Trump announced the new Mexico deal, the NYT immediately published a story all the measures Trump was touting were already in place and, in fact, nothing new, which drew a Twitter rant from the President…

The Agreement

According to President Trump and the White House, the measures taken by Mexico were completely new and unprecedented.

While some aspects of previously negotiated deals in place may have been similar, there were add-ons as well as timelines that were changed.

The New York Times, however, at least early on its article, claimed everything was already in place and stated Trump was taking credit for something that had been previously negotiated with diplomats.

Mexico had previously agreed to step up its presence within its own country, but NOT to the scale secured in the latest agreement with Trump.

Even the NYT conceded the 6,000 National Guard troops committed to the effort were not agreed to before.

The publication also conceded the “agreement to accelerate the Migrant Protection Protocols could help reduce what Trump calls ‘catch and release’ of migrants in the United States by giving the country a greater ability to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico.”

Something else not previously negotiated was the United States being able to return asylum seekers to Mexico.

Mexico also agreed to “offer jobs, healthcare, and education according to its principles.”

Mexico further agreed to take significantly more action against human trafficking and smuggling efforts.

In addition to Trump, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAlennan pushed back on the article.

He stated, “This is the first time we’ve heard anything like this kind of number of law enforcement being deployed in Mexico to address migration, not just at the southern border but also on the transportation routes to the northern border and in coordinated patrols in key areas along our southwest border.

He further stated that some people may not approve of how Trump got the deal done, but the bottom line is that a deal was made and our border will be better secure because of it.

The only possible hiccup that could derail the new deal from going through is if the Mexican legislature does not approve the deal.

Trump stated he does not see any problems with the vote but if there are, he will move forward with the previously announced tariffs.

Of importance here is the open pushback by both Republicans and Democrats on the tariffs.

If the Mexican legislature does vote down the deal, we can point directly to the fact they know Trump was getting resistance on the tariffs not only from the opposing party but also from Republicans.

They may feel as though they have nothing to lose since the President would get considerable resistance from within his own Congress.

If that does happen, expect Trump to push forward using emergency measures to ensure the tariffs can be put in place.

Based on the current situation at the border, it would seem as though he does have the law on his side IF he has to go that route.

Source: Fox News

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