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Trump Says Biden ‘not playing with a full deck’

As Joe Biden’s campaign weekend is once again filled with gaffe after gaffe, President Trump took the opportunity to land a shot at his likely opponent come next November.

After Biden told a campaign crowd, “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids,” Trump stated, “Look, Joe is not playing with a full deck.

“He made that comment and I said ‘whoa.’”

The Gaffes Keep Coming

Every time Biden solidifies his lead, he seems to make epic mistakes that bring the rest of the field right back into the race.

The comment he made above is being hammered by both sides of the aisle.

The implication here is clear… Biden believes all minorities are poor and all white kids are rich and intelligent.

If Trump had made a statement like that, the media would say his words are proof of his ignorance and racism.

With Joe, though, they laugh it off to him being the self-acknowledged gaffe machine.

Biden, however, made another mistake this weekend the media will have no choice but to hold him accountable for.

During his Iowa appearance, a young, female student asked Biden a question about genders.

Biden was not only insulting with his answer, but he also manhandled the girl to make his point very clear (read that full story here).

What he did to that young lady cannot be dismissed as a gaffe, however.

What Biden did has been likened to assault by the media before, and that must be the case here.

Media Speechless

Most of the mainstream media outlets today have avoided the fact that Biden manhandled the girl.

Instead, they are spinning it as a gaffe because Biden stated there were “at least three” genders when he answered the girl’s question (liberals claim there are now roughly 81 genders, if you can believe that).

Every headline this morning should have been condemning his actions and the party as a whole should have already made a statement against his action.

An apology here will not do, though, as they must demand his resignation from the presidential race.

Biden constantly rails that Trump is not fit for office, but he is the one unfit for office and he made that plainly clear when he put his hands on that young lady.

Source: Fox News

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