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Trump Says Bolton ‘Must Pay’ for Leaking Classified Info in Book

John Bolton may have won the battle, but the war may end up going to the Trump administration.

Now that his book is officially on store shelves, President Trump is hoping to have Bolton face criminal charges for releasing a book with unredacted classified information.

He Must Pay

Bolton and the Trump administration have been jousting over the transcript for Bolton’s memoir for months.

When Bolton initially submitted his book for review, he was told there was significant classified information that needed to be removed.

Bolton reportedly edited the book and when he resubmitted the book, he still had classified information.

The book is still under National Security Council review, but Bolton and/or his publisher have already leaked books to the media and it was scheduled to be shipped out to stores today.

The Trump administration took Bolton to court and even though the judge chided Bolton for possibly putting national security at risk, it was also decided with the number of leaks that had already happened, there was no point in blocking the book because the information was already out there.

Trump, however, does not see this fight as having ended in that courtroom…

Bolton Already Facing Backlash

While the media and Democrats are taking every word as truth, there has already been significant pushback on the content and how Bolton portrays these events.

A former aide has been critical as has South Korea.

Both statements accused Bolton of twisting the events to suit his own narrative rather than simply telling the facts and letting the reader decide.

Bolton is also facing backlash for not testifying during the House impeachment hearings.

Democrats have accused Bolton of selling out the country to make a quick buck, saying he held back on his testimony so the content within the book would not be revealed until the book hit the shelves.

Surely, being attacked by both sides is not what Bolton anticipated.

We will see how this plays out over the next few weeks as the media continues to tout the content while the Trump administration looks to treat Bolton like a traitor and slap him with criminal charges.

Source: Washington Examiner

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