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Trump Sends Blistering Letter to Schumer in Response to Relentless Week of Attacks by N.Y. Senator

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has been blowing President Trump up all week on Twitter.

Trump responded with a scathing letter to Schumer, and it apparently hurt Schumer’s feelings.

Always Available

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that President Trump has made himself readily available to all Governors, Senators, and Congressmen during this crisis.

If you have a recommendation, ask for a meeting or pick up the phone.

Schumer has chosen to call out Trump daily on Twitter, mostly for things that are already in play.

When the stimulus package was passed, we were told from the outset that money would start going out in one to three weeks, fairly quickly, all things considered.

Schumer and the rest of the Dems wanted checks cut that second, which is virtually impossible.

There are a lot of moving parts in play here, so whether people like it or not, it takes time to get the ball rolling, and it always has.

Let’s not forget how long it took for Obama’s administration to process stimulus payments.

So, after trying to embarrass Trump repeatedly on Twitter and after Schumer sent Trump his own letter, Trump responded in kind…

Now, the media is making out Schumer to be the victim and Schumer is eating up every second of it.

Schumer stated, “I spoke to the president late this afternoon and explained it and the result is this letter.

“So I’m just appalled.

“You know I say to the president just stop the pettiness. People are dying and so, President Trump, we need leadership.

“We need to get the job done. Stop the pettiness,”

“I sent the letter with the best of intentions.”

Yeah, he sent the letter knowing it would infuriate Trump and he was hoping to provoke him.

Trump took the bait and now he is the bad orange man again.

I would like to ask Schumer why nobody in Congress was worried about the national stockpile?

Why were almost two dozen New York hospitals closed over the last decade or so for budget cuts or pet programs?

Why were New York’s stockpiles so empty when this crisis started?

Governors are supposed to be responsible for their states, yet they are all now crying for big brother to help them.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if all these states were a little more prepared, they would not be leaning on the federal government so hard right now.

Source: The Hill

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