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Trump Sends Democrats, Liberals into a Tizzy with ‘Foreign Government’ Comments

During a recent interview, Trump made comments that added significantly more fuel to the already burning fire to have him impeached by Democrats.

When asked if he was approached by a foreign government with information about Democrat candidates, Trump stated, “I think I’d want to hear it.”

Democrat Outrage

The words had no sooner left the mouth of Trump when Democrats and liberals started to blow up social media with harsh criticism of Trump.

As far as they were concerned, Trump was proving he was willing to break the law in order to hold onto the White House.

It also started to re-energize the collusion talk we have been hearing non-stop for the last two years as well as being the reason the Mueller probe was launched in the first place.

Set Up?

There are those that believe ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos set Trump up with the line of questioning, but it might not be exactly what they think in terms of who was setting up who…

President Trump clearly thinks there is nothing wrong with having a conversation.

And really, is there?

Most media outlets are saying Trump would not tell the FBI about it, but he did say he may pass on that information if it sounded like it needed to be passed on.

Ideally, he would have said he would listen, then turn it over ALWAYS, but he did make that one wording mistake and liberals are going to make him pay.

However, that is not the point we really want to make here.

The point we want to make is Trump may have actually been setting a trap of his own by answering the way he did.

If liberals are that upset about his answer, should they not be that upset or even more so in what Hillary Clinton and the DNC did with the Steele dossier?

Someone approached them with dirt on Trump for a foreign agent of the British and they were not the ones that took the file to the FBI.

Instead, they agreed to actually finance the dossier to get dirt on Trump.

It was not until the late Senator John McCain got the dossier that it was turned over to the FBI.

This may have been a hidden stroke of genius in that once Trump gets passed this news cycle, he can immediately flip the narrative to question Dems on why they were not so outraged by the actions of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

That word, of course, will get out much quicker if We the People spread this around like wildfire and get it viral so every voter in the country can learn the truth!

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