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Trump Sets Dems Off for RT of Clinton Conspiracy Theory

Once again, President Trump has turned the Democrat party on its ear with a simple retweet.

After comedian Terrence Williams tweeted out a conspiracy theory more or less accusing the Clinton’s of having had Epstein killed, President Trump retweeted it.

This, of course, stirred outrage among some of the presidential candidates, most notably Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker.

The RT That Set the World on Fire

Terrence Williams is a comedian who also happens to be black.

The fact that he supports Trump drives liberals up a wall.

So, it was not really a surprise to see him start spinning the conspiracy theory that the Clintons had Epstein killed…

After Trump retweeted it, his possible presidential opponents took the opportunity to criticize Trump for buying into these conspiracy theories.

Booker stated, “What he’s doing is dangerous, he’s giving light to conspiracy theorists and whipping people up to anger against different people in this country.

“He is using the same tactics as the Russians to attack our democracy.”

O’Rourke also chimed in, stating, “Trump is changing the conversations so we can’t focus on the real problems that he is part of.”

He also stated the tweet was “[a]nother example of Trump using his position to attack political enemies with unfounded conspiracy theories.”

Just Said What Everyone is Thinking

Now, before going any further, it must be clarified that Epstein was not on suicide watch as Williams contends.

For some reason, even after having attempted suicide, Epstein was taken off suicide watch.

As far as his conspiracy theory goes, people have been conveniently dropping dead around the Clintons for years.

Is this good luck on their part or do they really have the resources to make these people just go away?

That is for everyone to decide on their own, but this is an accusation that liberals have thrown around without outrage.

For instance, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, in an interview, asked Putin how it was that his enemies all seemed to die.

Democrats in office have made the same accusations against Putin, but no outrage then.

Is it really so outrageous to think that someone in power in this country is not capable of doing the same thing?

Remember, we are not talking about one or two people, but dozens of people that could have harmed the Clintons ended up dead, with many of them under some very suspicious conditions.

This is something that we cannot prove, however, but it will not stop anyone from thinking it.

Source: Fox News

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