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Trump Slams Media Over Homeland Security ‘Fake News’ Story

Friday night, The New York Times published a story that gave Democrats even more fodder to use against President Trump.

The only problem, according to Trump, was the story about Trump offering a pardon to Homeland Security boss to close the southern border was completely false…

More Fake News

The original story was reported by Trump’s nemesis and mortal enemy Maggie Haberman of The New York Times.

According to the Haberman report, three unnamed sources allegedly briefed on the conversation verified that Trump offered Kevin McAleenan a pardon to close the southwest border.

While the report says it is unclear what Trump meant by his offer of a pardon, it is pretty clear the tone of the article suggest that Trump was acting inappropriately and his offer was serious.

Administration Pushes Back

The pushback on this was immediate by both the White House and Homeland Security.

President Trump, as mentioned above, sent out a tweet about the story denying it ever took place.

A spokesman for Homeland Security, Tyler Q. Houlton, also issued a statement saying:

“At no time has the President Indicated, asked, directed, or pressured the acting secretary to do anything illegal.

“Nor would the acting secretary take actions that are not in accordance with our responsibility to enforce the law.”

This is yet another example of the mainstream media continuously trying to undermine the President to influence Americans in the next election.

They simply cannot be trusted.

This is not the first time Haberman has published a story that is less than credible as well.

Both she and The New York Times resemble TMZ these days more than they do a proper mainstream political publication.

You can read the original story on The New York Times.

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