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Trump Spends Sunday Slamming the Media on Twitter to Set the Record Straight

President Trump had a rough couple of days in the media after his disastrous Thursday coronavirus update.

Poor wording along with a twisted narrative by the media and Democrats led to Trump being so flustered, he did not take questions on Friday and did not hold a press conference on Saturday.

On Sunday, however, Trump spent a good portion of his day writing tweets to set the record straight.

#1 – New York Times Story

Last week, the New York Times published a story painting Donald Trump as someone that was binge eating and crawling into a shell.

The story claimed he was binging on junk food and diet cokes while barely speaking to anyone.

According to the report, Trump was down in the dumps over the COVID-19 outbreak as well as reporting to work late then shutting himself off to watch media clips in the early evening.

Trump says differently…

#2 – Fox News Alternative

Recently and throughout the day on Sunday, Fox News has been giving Democrats a much bigger voice.

This has been in the form of Town Halls, live interviews, and added Democrat contributors, such as Donna Brazile.

Trump has always looked at Fox News as the one outlet he can count on for a fair shake, but now he is calling for an alternative source that will treat him better…

#3 – Alex Azar Rumors

In recent days, those infamous unnamed sources inside the administration have run to the media to tell reporters Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is on the way out.

While Azar and Trump do not always see eye-to-eye, we have not seen the usual movements by Trump that would dictate an upcoming dismissal.

Azar has made some mistakes, of that there is no doubt, but was it enough for Trump to fire him amid a pandemic?

So, there you have it… that was our President’s Sunday, a day wasted on rebutting what he deems were inaccurate media reports.

While all this was playing out, Trump was still being hammered by the media on the bogus narrative that he recommended people ingest disinfectant to fight off the coronavirus.

Sources: Daily Caller, The Hill, and Fox News

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