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Trump Stuns Democrats with Major Border Announcement

Earlier in the week, we reported the Mexican military took an aggressive posture with two U.S. soldiers, raising their guns and disarming one of the soldiers.

We also reported that we expected Trump to be just as aggressive in his response.

Trump just proved our assessment correct, as earlier today, Trump announced he is sending armed troops to the border.

President Trump also warned Mexico, that an incident like this “better not happen again!”

The Incident

The border incident got very little attention from the mainstream media.

According to reports, two U.S. soldiers were on the southern side of the border fence but to the north of the actual border.

They were doing recon in an unmarked Border Patrol vehicle when they were surrounded by roughly six Mexican military members.

Guns were raised and the soldiers followed protocol to avoid an incident.

The Mexicans then disarmed the Sergeant and held the two briefly for questioning.

We actually found the report on The Blaze and at the time, there were only two mainstream outlets that had reported it: Newsweek and CNN.

In fact, very few alternative media outlets even bothered to report it.

Time to Act

Trump has been adamant in recent weeks that if Mexico does not stop the border crossings, or at least do a better job on their end, he is going to handle it his way.

With Mexicans drawing down on U.S. military, it would appear as though Trump has finally reached his breaking point.

As it stands now, there are believed to be close to 5,000 troops on border duty.

The current mix is reported to be about 2,800 active-duty and another 2,000 from the National Guard.

If Trump follows through with his threat, that number will be increased significantly in order to lock down the border until a wall can be put in place to deter these massive amounts of illegal crossings.

You can read the full report on Stars and Stripes.

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