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Trump Threatens to Shut Down Southern Border

President Trump and our country for that matter may have reached a breaking point.

After seeing record-setting apprehensions of undocumented immigrants, Trump suggested he may be closing down the southern border…

Get It Under Control

Democrats continue to say we don’t have a problem on our borders.

Well, tell that to our Border Patrol officers that have been inundated with thousands of illegals just over the last few days.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan stated, “That breaking point has arrived this week at our border.”

“CBP is facing an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis along our Southwest border,” he added.

According to agency reports, more than 4,000 immigrants were apprehended in just one day.

The record lasted all of one day, with another 4,117 apprehensions and encounters taking place the very next day.

In February, more than 76,000 immigrants were detained, the most we have seen in more than a decade.

Our Border Patrol agents are being put to their limits, and so is this country, as we simply cannot continue to play catch and release with these immigrants.

Trump Calls for Help

President Trump has repeatedly asked Congress to address this issue, but they continue to fall short.

Now, the President is even asking leaders of the countries where the immigrants are leaving for some help.

And, if they are not going to help, Trump clearly has no other choice but to shutdown the border altogether.

When are Democrats going to wake up and realize this is truly a crisis that is impacting actual Americans?

We cannot continue to be a country without borders and the only politician that seems to realize that is being handcuffed by Democrats and some members of his own party.

Republicans clearly have to take control of the House back or we are literally going to be run out of our own country.

In the meantime, Trump may have no other choice to close our borders, which we fully support.

Yet one more reason to justify building that wall.

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