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Trump to ANTIFA: You Are Being Watched

Portland, today, could end up becoming a war zone.

Several right-wing groups are set to protest and ANTIFA will be on the other side of the wire.

Considering how violent protests have gotten when ANTIFA shows up, President Trump warned the group it is now strongly being watched and considered as an “organization of terror.”

Violence to be Expected

If the protests in Portland do not result in blood in the streets it will be very surprising.

On the street across from ANTIFA will not be your normal conservative groups.

Several white nationalist groups and neo-Nazi groups are expected to attend to face off against ANTIFA.

Some of these groups, quite frankly, are not to be tangled with.

Among the more controversial groups are going to be the Daily Stormers and the American Guard.

The Proud Boys are also slated to attend.

This group is multi-cultural but has been labeled as a hate group by some liberal groups.

While they have attended and fought next to neo-Nazi groups, leadership maintains they are not white supremacists and disavow those that are.

Additionally, the Three Percenters are supposed to attend.

While not as organized as The Oath Keepers, there is a considerable amount of retired military within the ranks.

Point being, ANTIFA will be facing off against very skilled and very dangerous men, something they have rarely faced in most of their protests.

These groups, especially The Proud Boys and the Three Percenters, are not afraid to get bloody if need be.

Mayor Promises Control

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has been deeply criticized for the way he has handled previous ANTIFA protests, has promised this protest will be kept under control.

While making an appearance on “Outnumbered Overtime,” he stated, “from a law enforcement perspective, we’re going to have all the tools and the resources and personnel we need.”

This is also going to be a tricky situation for Trump.

If known white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups mix it up with ANTIFA but Trump only tries to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist group, liberals are really going to push the racist narrative again.

We will have to closely watch the situation to see who instigates the violence because, with all these groups sharing the same air, there will undoubtedly be plenty of that.

Source: Fox News

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