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Trump to Extend Border Emergency to 2022

Overt the last few weeks, thousands of migrants have been positioning themselves to flood the border as soon as Joe Biden takes office.

President Trump recently issued an order to extend the border emergency protection until 2022.

The new order is being perceived by some as taking pressure off Biden, but I believe it is a very strategic move by Trump that will actually hurt Joe Biden significantly very early in his presidency.

They Are Coming

This is the scene that is playing out near our borders…

Joe Biden has stated that he will undo much of what Trump has done on this front when he takes office.

However, if he does, he truly puts Americans at risk in the middle of a pandemic, a point Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was all too happy to make…

Joe Biden is in a true lose-lose situation because of the new order by the Trump administration.

If Joe Biden allows the order to stand, he has betrayed the uber-progressives and immigrants he vowed to help from Day One.

If he revokes the order, he floods the country with immigrants in the middle of a pandemic, risking further spread of the virus… a virus that continues to mutate and become more contagious.

I know what everyone else’s take on this is, but mine is that it is pure stroke of genius by Trump to expose Biden and utterly destroy the beginning of his presidency.

Source: Breitbart

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