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Trump Tweet Slamming AOC Blows Up on Internet, Infuriates Democrats

So, the verdict is in… Donald Trump will NOT be dialing down his Twitter rhetoric during the impeachment.

In fact, it appears as though he will be ramping it up considerably.

Yes, He Really Said It

If I am being honest, I have to admit there was a time when I hoped Trump would put the phone down and let his surrogates handle his attacks.

That, however, went out the window the moment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced she was moving forward with the impeachment.

From that moment, I have been behind every vicious and savage tweet he has sent because for the most part, he is on target.

No tweet, however, has hit a nerve like the one he sent out this morning right before his defense team started to present his impeachment defense…

AOC’s only response was to know if the moderate Republicans that voiced concerns over the attacks from Nadler during his opening would be offended by Trump’s tweet.

If it does, so be it, because Democrats still don’t have the numbers to win this case.

We Are Thinking It… He Says It

Trump may be a bit rough around the edges and say things we have never heard come from the mouth of a president before, but so be it as long as it is on target.

AOC has proven to the entire world she doesn’t have a clue.

Her “Green New Deal” was the laughing stock of the political world before the ink dried on her proposal.

As far as the rest of the crew goes, well, we all know they are dishonest.

Hell, Schiff has already presented false evidence during his opening argument, so why should any of these individuals get an ounce of respect from Trump?

Furthermore, if we are being perfectly honest, Trump is merely saying the same thing virtually every conservative sitting around with friends or at the local saloon is saying.

The funny thing is this impeachment is just getting started and Democrats are already upset about Trump on Twitter, and I am pretty sure he has barely tapped the surface of things he wants to say.

Dems better get their tissues ready, because I have feeling things are going to get far worse for them before this ordeal is over.

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