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Trump: ‘We Are Exposing Everything’

President Trump is dead set on letting the American people know the lengths to which Democrats and the Obama administration went to take him down.

After agreeing to let the Justice Department declassify intelligence information, Trump stated, “We want to be very transparent, so, as you know, I declassified everything, everything they want.

“We are exposing everything.”

The Origins of the Investigation

Trump supporters have been behind the President from day one that this was a hoax.

The more information we learn, the more it would appear a “hoax” is the perfect way to describe what happened.

In an effort to shed more light on the investigation, a request was asked and granted to declassify the early days of the investigation.

After the Attorney General views the information and makes the proper redactions, Americans will now see the information that Democrats justified to start the Special Counsel probe.

They will also get to decide for themselves if the investigation was warranted or just another bogus narrative to take out Trump.

We can only assume the President is aware of every shred of evidence in these files.

We can also assume he knows it is going to make Democrats look very bad in the process.

Weaponizing Intelligence

The big term being used today by Democrats is “weaponizing intelligence.”

This is how they are trying to blast the President for making the information public.

Does anyone else find it interesting when they want information, they call it “transparency,” but when they want something to stay hidden, it gets called “weaponizing” or some other dramatic term to make it appear as though the administration is doing something wrong.

The finger-pointing by former members of the Obama administration is at a fever pitch right now, as they are all trying to disassociate themselves with the investigation as much as possible.

It just wreaks of guilt on their part.

If they did nothing wrong, what do they have to fear?

If they did nothing wrong, doesn’t this information help their case against Trump?

They are fearful because they know this could not only destroy the legacy of Obama but also end Biden’s current campaign.

The entire party, actually, will feel the reverberations if it is found out the intelligence agencies, under Barack Obama’s leadership, bent the rules to spy on a Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Source: Fox News

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