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Trump’s Financial Records Headed to NY Attorney General for Review

President Trump is officially being hit from every possible angle.

While congressional Democrats launch a tsunami of investigations against him, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas for his financial records from Deutsche Bank.

Campaigning Against Trump

Just as Rep. Tlaib campaigned on a platform of impeaching Trump, James ran on a platform of investigating Trump’s business practices.

James got the opening she needed after the Cohen testimony during the Special Counsel probe into President Trump.

Cohen stated Trump had inflated his assets and presented financial statements from Deutsche Bank.

Another Investigation

President Trump could face more than a dozen investigations in the very near future, as virtually every congressional committee is launching one or more probes into the President.

While all that is going on, he now has to deal with this investigation being conducted in his home state.

Trump has stated that he plans to sue to prevent his records from being turned over.

Even if the suit fails, it could have these documents held up on the sidelines for months, if not years.

Deutsche Bank has yet to comment on the reports, but the organization is readying significant documentation on Trump’s finances.

Some of those documents will include email and loan documents related to:

  • Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.
  • Trump National Doral Miami
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago
  • Financial documents tied to the attempted purchase of Buffalo Bills

This is Deutsche Bank’s second tussle with the government regarding Donald Trump.

Deutsche Bank is also currently part of an investigation being conducted jointly by the House Financial Services and House Intelligence committees.

That investigation is looking into alleged money laundering as well as Trump’s business practices.

Our taxes right now are going into turning over every inch of someone’s life simply because Democrats did not get their way.

It is a very sad state of our government and absolute proof while Democrats can never be given this type of power again.

Source: CNN

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