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Trumps Ousts National Security Adviser John Bolton

The writing has been on the wall for weeks now, and Trump has finally pulled the trigger.

After keeping Bolton out of numerous national security meetings and decisions, President Trump asked for and received National Security Adviser John Bolton’s resignation.

Writing on the Wall

The firing of Bolton is not surprising, but the timing of it may be to some.

Donald Trump and John Bolton have clearly not been on the same page for quite some time.

From the reports when Bolton was nominated for the position, it seemed as though his nomination is what other people wanted for the direction of the administration, not necessarily what Trump wanted.

By this, I mean that Trump trusted advice from advisers that were not necessarily on the same page on some key issues regarding national security, but their current role did not allow them to offer advice on this subject.

Since that was the case, the next best thing would be to get someone in place that could voice their opinions for them.

Over the last few weeks, reports have been surfacing that Trump was keeping information from Bolton simply because he and Bolton were very far apart on key issues related to national security.

At that point, it became very clear that Bolton’s time in office was going to be very limited.

Mixed Response

The response to Bolton’s firing has been mixed both within the Republican party and among conservatives.

Some looked at Bolton as a respected authority while others thought him to be a warmonger that would never allow the United States out of the Middle East.

For instance, Ben Shapiro was adamantly against the firing while Senator Paul Rand thought it to be a good move for the administration as a whole.

Those two views are very representative of those that want us out of the Middle East and those that think withdrawing will be a big mistake.

The story from Trump and Bolton has also been mixed, which means there will probably be another scathing book coming out about Trump soon after Bolton leaves office.

Over several tweets, it was quite apparent Bolton and Trump saw this entire process play out rather differently…

The administration exodus continues to haunt this president as does the sheer amount of key cabinet positions without permanent people in place.

If Trump is unable to fill those roles during the election season, it will definitely become a focus of the attacks against him.

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