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Tucker Carlson on Biden: ‘This guy is an idiot, obviously’

Tucker Carlson recently killed two birds with one stone… Joe Biden and a moronic liberal that was so overmatched it was laughable.

While making an appearance before an overwhelmingly African-American dominated crowd in South Carolina, Joe Biden accused Republicans of invoking “Jim Crow” era laws to prevent minorities from getting to the voting booth.

Carlson called Biden in “idiot” for making such a statement, then blasted Democrat strategist Max Burns who tried to justify Biden’s statement.

Don’t Let the Facts Get in the Way

Biden was referring to voter ID laws.

Somehow, Democrats have deemed it racist to require a valid ID to cast a vote.

We need an ID to buy cigarettes, alcohol, to fly.

While none of these laws are considered to be racist, that tag has been slapped on any Republican that wants to make sure the person pulling the handle is who they say there are.

Carlson was very quick to point to a recent Harvard study that debunks this entire Democrat narrative.

The study found that voter ID laws had no impact whatsoever on voter turnout.

Looking Foolish

Burns tried to defend the statement by Biden and proceeded to make himself look foolish in the process.

He claimed it is amazing the turnout minorities have during elections considering the challenges they face.

Carlson immediately called him on that point, asking just how are they more challenged than a poor white voter from getting to the voting booth?

While I am not a minority, if I were, I would be incensed at Burns’ comment.

He makes minorities sound as though they are children that need to be led rather than as fully functional adults.

His comments were insulting, to say the least.

I would love to see him go up against Candace Owens and utter those very same words.

This is what Democrats do, though.

They pander to each and every audience where they appear.

They try to change the way they talk, eat, and act to make it look like they are part of the local flavor.

I can’t help but think of Hillary’s comment about having hot sauce in her purse during the 2016 election season.

Does anyone really think Biden would have used the phrase “Jim Crow” in front of a white audience?

He and his racist buddies are actually probably having a good laugh over that one right now.

This where Trump and Democrats differ.

Trump does not tailor his speeches to reflect a local accent or hold rallies for ONLY minorities to get them whipped up on racial issues.

This is a Democrat ploy to pander to a specific audience that is both insulting and demeaning.

We can only hope these voters can see what the Dems are trying to do to them and call them out for it on election day.

Source: Harvard Business School

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