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Tucker Carlson Releases Audio of Trump Enemy and CNN Executive

It is no secret the media today is working against Trump.

Study after study has shown that the media reports overwhelmingly negative on Trump, with numbers skewed by at least 90-10.

This is not by accident, as directives, in many cases, are coming down from the very top to do hit jobs on Trump and get him removed from office.

Whether you like or approve of Trump, can you honestly remember so many “legitimate” news stories being proven fake news during a single presidential term?

Tucker Carlson went into this rabbit hole a bit to expose why this might be happening, revealing audio showing a pretty cozy relationship between Trump’s former attorney and now mortal enemy, Michael Cohen, and CNN executive, Jeff Zucker.

The audio proves just how utterly dishonest and underhand the media really is today…

Now tell me that does not smell rotten!!

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