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TV Host Says ABC News Would Not Hire Him Because He is White

Oppression is a narrative that is being forced fed to Americans right now.

If we are to believe what we are being told, African Americans are simply on an unfavorable playing field today.

Now, it would be ignorant to say that racism is gone and everyone is treating everyone else fairly because we know that is not the case.

It is true, however, that while we may not be where we need to be, we are always moving forward and always making this country better.

However, we can also say that there are movements within corporate America today that are also treating white Americans, specifically men, less favorably than other races and genders.

Elex Michaelson

Go back 50 years, and I will 100 percent concede there was an advantage of being a white male in this country.

The Civil Rights movement, the women’s movement, today’s LGBTQ movement… these are movements that have all worked extremely hard to create a level playing field.

Today, however, that playing field is beginning to get tilted in a different way.

We often hear people say all we want is a fair shake, but that is not what is happening and if the current trend continues, we will be having an entirely different conversation five decades from today.

The case of Elex Michaelson, a Fox affiliate employee, is an interesting one that shows how the scales are tilting.

Michaelson had applied for a correspondent position for ABC, but did not get the job for two reasons: he is white and he is a man.

He was flat-out told by an ABC News executive, Barbara Fedida, that ABC News at the time was only hiring “women & minorities for the next couple of years.”

Merely reporting on this will make me racist in some people’s eyes, and I can live with that because this is a subject nobody wants to address because of how uncomfortable it makes everyone feel but it absolutely a dialogue that must happen.

Now, I want you to think about this… saying you want everyone to be based on a level playing field now makes you racist because you are not promoting the hiring of one race or one gender over another.

As a business owner, I want the best people for the job and I don’t care what color, creed, race, religion, or sexual orientation they are… I just want the job done and I want it done correctly.

Rather than create that level playing field, today’s liberals are trying to flip the field to make up for whatever injustices have been done to women and people of color for generations before.

In doing so, they will end up titling the field again rather than just keeping it level, and we will end up in yet another conversation decades from now trying to reverse that unfairness.

If companies want to become more diversified, I am all for that, just put it out there exactly what you want, then hire the best people for those roles. You want a board of 15 people, set the guidelines right out of the gate as to whom you are looking to hire, then let the candidates in each demographic fight it out so the company gets the best of the best.

This is not an argument against diversity but rather one for a complete leveling of the playing field. Everyone gets treated the same, and may the best man or woman win.

Source: Breitbart

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