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Uber-Liberal Alyssa Milano Challenges Ted Cruz to Gun Debate… and He Accepted

Alyssa Milano is one of several Hollywood stars that has been very vocal since Trump took over as President.

She has dipped her toes into waters she knows little about, as has been made plainly clear by her ridiculous rants online and to the media.

Well, Milano may have just taken on a bit more than she can chew by challenging Texas Senator Ted Cruz to a debate.

The Twitter Challenge

As do many stars these days, Milano often talks tough on Twitter knowing full well there is very little chance she will ever be called out for her bluff.

Well, this time it backfired.

Milano made a snarky comment to Cruz after he said it was our God-given right to defend ourselves.

Cruz immediately answered her back…

Milano answered by challenging Cruz to a debate

Cruz, of course, accepted…

Not Good News for Milano

Milano has no idea about the den she is about to walk into.

Not only is Ted Cruz the resident expert on the Constitution, but he is also a man of considerable faith, who knows the Bible inside and out.

If Milano thinks she is going to go to his office and pull off some jailhouse lawyer stunt, she is sadly mistaken.

Cruz is going to embarrass her and do it without ever raising the pitch of his voice.

This will be child’s play for him, but it will be the knockdown to reality Milano needs, as she has been playing on a field way over her paygrade for some time.

Hopefully, Milano lives up to her word and live feeds the debate, because I would personally love to see her embarrassed on such a large stage.

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