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UN Watchdog Finds Uranium Particles at 2 Iranian Nuclear Sites

Joe Biden is about to re-enter Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran.

He is about to do this even though there was a recent attack carried out by a group with reported Iranian ties.

Now, there is a new report that could put a new wrench in Biden’s hopes of buddying up to the terrorist nation.

They Found It

When the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspected nuclear sites last year, uranium particles were found at two separate sites in Iran.

For the most part, this report never surfaced until about a month ago when the Wall Street Journal reported that particles were found, although it did not cite the actual material.

Now, these inspections were done in August and September, information that clearly would have helped Trump make his case against Iran.

While the particles were not enriched, it does show that there was apparently nuclear activity at these sites even though they have been reported as inactive for decades.

Israel is furious, stating that Iran has clearly not been acting in good faith.

Iranian officials are saying they did nothing wrong here, with one senior official stating, “We have nothing to hide. That is why we allowed the inspectors to visit those sites.”

Joe Biden is in the process of removing Trump’s sanctions and trying to put the pieces in place to restart the Iran nuclear deal put in place by Obama.

We might suggest that he find out what exactly is going on before doing so, however, there is one small problem.

Iran is not afraid of Joe Biden and the terrorist nation has already put him on the clock, telling him that if Trump’s sanctions are not lifted by the end of the week, all bets are off.

Iran, has, in essence, called out Joe Biden, now let’s see if he puts America first or if he blinks and caves to Iran.

Source: New York Post

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